A long-awaited new bow categoryFantastic news!For years now it’s bothered me, how traditional…

A long-awaited new bow category

Fantastic news!

For years now it’s bothered me, how traditional archers like myself would get penalised for using carbon arrows. Now I’m lucky enough to have been to many places on this amazing planet of ours and I’ve seen many archers doing it in many different ways, but by far one of the most popular ways of shooting that I’ve seen is with a traditional rig using feathered carbon arrows shot off the shelf. And over here in the UK it’s also becoming incredibly popular.

Though sadly archers choosing to shoot this way are usually lumped in with the barebowers. Now there’s nothing wrong with shooting barebow, some of my best friends are barebow archers. Though that form of shooting honestly doesn’t appeal to me, the equipment and the aiming methods used to do absolutely nothing for me, although I can hugely appreciate the skill involved in shooting that way and I am in awe of the barebow archer, but it doesn’t make my boy bags tingle the way shooting instinctively does!

And an instinctive archer either a beginner or someone with experience shooting with a trad set up, will be hard pushed, to take on the might of the gap shooting/string walking, aluminium riser’ed, plunger buttoned barebow Archer!

But what started as a little idea between a few like-minded friends to introduce a new shooting category called Traditional Bow Hunter, geared around a traditional set up but with carbon arrows, to bring us in line with many other countries around the world and the instinctive category of world archery, has now been voted in to existence for the NFAS! (National Field Archery Society)

It’s been a long road but I am absolutely over the moon that this category now exists. Unfortunately we did get a little bit of pushback whilst trying to introduce this category, as much as we all love the society it’s notoriously difficult to introduce anything new.

Even heard some of the naysayers saying that I only wanted this category so I could take home medals! Firstly (please pardon my language) I don’t give a shit about medals, never have done and I never will! That’s not why I shoot! (besides I more often than not take-home a medal shooting in the barebow class anyway, just sayin)

If truth be told I probably only shoot about four or five open NFAS shoots a year anyway!

This class was never actually intended for me and my friends, the class was intended to make traditional archery more accessible and more enjoyable for people.

And that’s kind of the whole point right? I love archery almost more than anything in the world, and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t trying to make more people get hooked on what I believe to be the world’s most incredible pastime!

I just wanted to thank the NFAS and everyone that voted for this new category. Together we have made Archery even better!