Alexis Ruiz 🇺🇸, Evren Cagiran 🇹🇷, An San …

Alexis Ruiz 🇺🇸, Evren Cagiran 🇹🇷, An San 🇰🇷 and Mete Gazoz 🇹🇷 took the individual titles at the fourth and last leg of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup 🏹🎯 in Berlin. Next stop is the final in Moscow! 

1. Alexis Ruiz completes impressive debut season with first career stage victory

2. Single-arrow shoot-off decides compound men’s gold medal in Berlin

3. Mete Gazoz defends Berlin title with straight-set victory over Bae Jaehyeon

4. Eighteen-year-old An San books Moscow ticket with impressive victory at debut international