They may not be the highest records ever, but I’m making…

They may not be the highest records ever, but I’m making my mark in my club with 3 new club records!

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A festive bow for the festive fun shoot. • • • #archery #archer…

A festive bow for the festive fun shoot.

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Why an Archery Gift Card is the Best Present You Can Give (and Receive)

Christmas is coming up quickly, and the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. If you have a loved one that’s interested in trying archery or is already hooked on the sport, a gift card to a nearby archery shop is an excellent gift idea.

Why a gift card?

Gift cards often get a bad rap for being the choice of last-minute shoppers, but they’re a practical solution to a common problem.

Archery equipment is very personal, so unless your archer is a pro at dropping hints, you can get left guessing what they want. We promise no archer will turn up their nose at this gift because they can use it buy whatever their heart desires.

Here are some of the items they can purchase with a gift card.

Archery Lessons

Archery is a sport of constant improvement, and there’s no better way to get improve than with the help of an instructor. Your gift can buy your archer a single lesson, lesson package or help them sign up for an archery program.

Range Time

A few hours spent on the range with a friend or loved one can create memories for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Photo Credit: Georgia Southern University

In the winter, archers flock to shoot at their local indoor range. Most ranges charge by the hour so your gift card can easily pay for several hours of archery bliss.


Archers will always need arrows. Be sure to ask for the length they need and any shop can easily set you up. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Archers always need new arrows, but gifting them can be problematic because they need to be matched to the bow and the archer. If you give them a gift card, they can buy a custom set of arrows that will fit their bow and provide months of shooting pleasure.

Bow Accessories

Have you already gotten them the bow and arrows? Look no further, accessories are an essential part of any archer and they will always enjoy more of them. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

Instead of guessing what bow, sight or arrow rest they want give them the gift that lets them buy exactly what they want. They can use it to upgrade their equipment or put together their first bow.


Instead of buying a bow and perhaps needing to return it, you can give them a gift card and set a date to take them to the archery shop. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

A new bow is the ultimate gift for an archer. Like many things in archery, bows need custom fitting. Instead of buying a bow and perhaps needing to return it, you can give them a gift card and set a date to take them to the archery shop.

An envelope with a gift card doesn’t quite capture the excitement of receiving a new bow. You can create that excitement by placing the gift card in a bow box. Archery shops usually have old bow boxes lying around, and they can give you one for your gift card presentation.

How much to give?

An archery shop employee can always assist in helping determine what every archer needs in terms of new gear and upgrades. Photo Credit: ATA

The hardest part about giving a gift card is determining the amount to give. Gift cards under $50 are great for small accessories, tuning services and range time. For around $100 an archer can buy arrows, bow accessories, bowstrings and archery lessons.

The cost to gift a bow or complete archery set varies widely based on the options. A beginner bow package can cost between $200 and $600 depending on the options selected.

The best thing to do is to talk to the shop about how you think your archer will use gift the card. Then the experts at the shop will suggest an appropriate amount based on the expected purchase.

The archer you’re shopping for can probably navigate to the archery shop with their eyes closed. If you aren’t as familiar, you can find the shop nearest you, here.

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I’m happy with this target face as it gives me a new…

I’m happy with this target face as it gives me a new PB!

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10 Gift Ideas for the Archer Who Has Everything

Holiday shopping can be difficult when it feels like your usual go-to gifts might be getting stale. What do you buy the archer that seems to have everything? If you feel you’re lost in a snow mound of ideas and your sleigh needs a little push, here are 10 non-gear-related archery gifts to get you back on track.

1. Clothes

Photo Credit:

Many people love representing the sports they care about on their clothing. Get your archer a shirt with bows and arrows on it so they can rep their sport with pride.

2. Jewelry

Photo Credit Iris Jewelry Design via Etsy

Jewelry is a subtle way to show your interests through your everyday looks and a simple arrow necklace looks good with any outfit. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with gifting jewelry.

3. Shoes

Photo Credit: Groove Bags

Making a statement with fashion is an exhilarating feeling, especially when you’re confident in your choice. Archery-inspired shoes are the ideal gift if your archer likes to step out in style.

4. Notebooks

Photo Credit: jackdawbindery via Etsy

Who says school or the workplace have to be boring? Give the gift of an archery-themed notebook and put a smile on your archer’s face every time they’re taking notes.

5. Backpacks

Photo Credit

If your archer is still in school, gift them with a backpack that will get them through the day by inspiring them to dream of the range. You just might find that they can’t wait to pick up their bag and go to school.

6. Mugs

Photo Credit:

Does your archer love coffee as much as their bow? Allow them to revel in their love of archery every morning with a bow-and-arrow mug. It’ll give them energy to take on the day and work hard at the range.

7. Phone Cases

Photo Credit: LovinaCases via Etsy

Our phones go with us everywhere, so they should be aesthetically pleasing, right? Make your archer’s phone easy on their eye and let them carry their love of archery in their pocket by giving them a bow-and-arrow phone case.

8. Home Décor

Photo Credit: Decor Amazon.

Home is where the heart is, and if your archer’s heart is with archery, give them home décor that helps express their passion for their favorite sport.

9. Bedding

Photo Credit Vision Bedding

Help your archer dream of the range while sleeping on archery-inspired bedding. Their room will look fashionable and unique, and visions of arrows will dance in their heads while they rest.

10. Car Decal

Photo Credit: Dakotas Decals via Etsy

If your archer is so into the sport that they want to shout it from the rooftops, give them a car decal. Seeing a fun archery decal on your loved one’s car just might inspire someone else to pick up a bow and discover a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.

For the archer who already has all the gear they need, finding the perfect gift can be daunting. We hope these tips help set your sights on some creative archery gifts. If your archer is eager to show off their archery-inspired presents after the holidays, the local archery range is the best place let loose.

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