*** Long Post *** And now I’ve finished my 2017 outdoor…

*** Long Post ***

And now I’ve finished my 2017 outdoor season. My final shoot was at Old Basing with a Double WA70 in the most difficult conditions I have ever shot in. Strong winds and even stronger and unpredictable gusts coupled with occasional rain put adding extra points to my ranking out of the question, but made for a strangely enjoyable challenge to reach the end. Though before it really picked up we at least had one end which looked semi-profession (photo)!

The year started off slowly, with unfavourable weather not allowing any improvements over the winter to show in the results. This left me fairly despondent, but I stuck to it at the practice range until things started warming up and form came together.

Finally, PBs, awards and medals started to materialise!

Last year I achieved 3853 ranking points from my best two 1440s and three WA70s placing me 127th in the UK. Now I’ve completed all my shoots for the season I have amassed 230 more points bringing my total to 4083 which should hopefully place me around 80th… we’ll wait an see for sure though in October!

I’m very happy with how I’m ending this season and I’m full of confidence for the next! All this though would not have happened if it wasn’t for my sponsors (@thearcheryshop.co.uk #TeamTASH & #EnvironmentalEssentialsLtd), Coach Nat of Oxford Archery Academy, and of course @georginacutts for putting up with everything (she’s the best!).

Now a couple of field shoots and the indoor season.

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